What's in the August 2009 issue....


Places to go...

Naturally stunning There's easy access, great camping and lots of wildlife to see at Broadwater, in Queensland's Abergowrie State Forest.


The King of all canyons Within the amazing landscapes of the Red Centre is Watarrka National Park - Kings Canyon, which is punctuated by sheer cliffs and amazing views.

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Lockhart - thriving and friendly This small community in southern central NSW hosts the Spirit of the Land Festival, which includes the National Farm Sculpture Award.

Things to do...

It's just cricket! Take a trip to Shepherds Flat in Victoria for a visit to Cricket Willow, a monument to the game that brings out the best in mad dogs and Englishmen...

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Solar power - part two Jim Ditchfield continues his series on getting the most out of a solar power system and this month looks at how to select and install solar panels.


Perth cycling Hop on your bike to see the black swans of Perth on a two-wheeled tour around the Swan River

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Fishing for flathead Flathead and fun to catch - and nice to eat. We've got some tips n how to catch them this month.


Puzzles! Try our crossword and Sudoku puzzles.

Caravans, MotorHomes & more...

RV security Add a bit of extra security to your RV vehicle for peace of mind when you're travelling around.


Rigs on the road This Roadhaven caravan, built by H Pruser in Melbourne, has been going strong for 41 years.


Lilyponds Holiday Park, Mapleton, Qld

Willowbend Caravan Park, Wentworth, Vic

Cape Tribulation, Cape Tribulation, Qld

Coalmine Beach Holiday Park, Walpole, WA


In the bush Our national flower, the golden wattle, heralds the arrival of spring in a blaze of glory.

Just for readers...

My Favourite Place

This month, the Snowgum prize is awarded to a reader who found a campsite on Kangaroo Island that's almost too god to share.

Readers' letters

Each month, the best reader's letter wins a rugged, 12-volt Panther Versa-Lite.


Aussie barbecue ideas It doesn't matter if you make a mess when preparing and cooking a barbecue - and it's one of the simplest ways to prepare an outdoor feast. Try our New Year's grill or the pepper steak sandwich with black olive salsa. Yum!

Paddle your own Canoe





The King of all canyons

By Catherine Lawson and David Bristow


Beyond Alice Springs and accessible by bitumen, Kings Canyon is one of the most dramatic landforms in Australia's Red Centre.  This vertigo-inducing chasm rises 150 metres to rugged lookouts over vast vistas of spinifex plains, cycad-rimmed waterholes and pancake stacks of stripy sandstone beehives.


Although it lacks Uluru's iconic status, Kings Canyon offers an equally exhilarating experience without forcing travellers to grapple with the 'to climb or not to climb' dilemma.  Anyone with reasonable fitness and health can explore the canyon via the excellent Rim Walk, a six kilometre-long trail that elevates walkers high above the canyon floor and leads through some unexpected landscapes..

BIG trips on a small budget





It's just cricket!

By Melanie Ball


You either love cricket or hate it - you would voluntarily spend hours, days even, watching a test unfold, or you would rather watch the grass grow.  So non-fans be warned: Cricket Willow is not for everyone!


You can buy an ice cream from the recreated general store at Shepherds Flat, and meet Oscar, the hugely lovable black labrador, but everything else about this bit of central Victoria is a monument to the game that brings mad dogs and Englishmen (and folk of many other origins and faiths) out in midday sun, afternoon gloom, and flood-lit darkness.

Cradle Mountain





Swanning around Perth

By Susan & Keith Hall


If you are visiting the west, you had better forget all those iconic Australian furry animals. Perth-ites might be as fond of koalas, kangaroos and wombats as anyone else, but they have a much deeper affection for swans.  Not the white swans of European fame, but our own stately black swans. 


You can see them swanning around gracefully on the Swan River and on many lakes scattered around Perth.  The Swan River and its swans are at the heart of Perth.  It's pleasant to walk along the waters edge and enjoy the views of the city skyline, but a good alternative way to see the river's attractions is to do it by bike. 


What is known as the Perth Bridges Ride follows a 10km route of flat cycle path along both banks of the Swan River between the Narrows Bridge and the Causeway.  You can't get lost because the cycle path never really deviates from the river's edge.