What's in the January 2011 issue....


Oz Trek Series…

Newell Highway

Meet fascinating characters and explore a land of beauty along the 525km section of the Newell Highway from Dubbo in New South Wales to Goondiwindi, Queensland.

Places to go…

Around the golden hill

The WA Murchison goldfields town of Peak Hill is all but deserted these days, and a visit here is like a trip back in time.

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Journey along the Nullarbor

This famous plain is the world’s largest and flattest limestone plateau, as well as being one of Australia’s classic road trips.


Southern sojourn

Kingston SE is a beautiful part of the world, where there’s free camping and plenty of family fun on offer.

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Outback SA

The Innamincka Regional Reserve is full of history, and offers idyllic campsites beside magnificent waterholes..


The wild, wild west

Yalata and Fowlers Bay have some of the most isolated beaches in South Australia – it’s an amazing area with pure white sands, turquoise waters and spectacular vistas of raw beauty.

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Things to do…

Beautifying Eden

Mundane areas have been turned into beautiful attractions at this NSW south coast town.


Quarantine matters

Travellers passing through the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone covering parts of NSW, Victoria and South Australia need to be aware of their legal obligations in regard to carrying fruit and vegetables.


Terminal tackle

This issue, Rick Huckstepp takes a looks at the terminal end of your fishing gear – lures and hooks.



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Caravans, MotorHomes & more...

Coronet Carrington

Sensible storage, a queen-size bed, and a shower and toilet - this modest van has everything needed for travelling comfort.


Peugeot 3008

If you’re after something just a little bit different, the 3008 might just fit the bill.



Each month, On The Road contributors report on bush campsites or caravan parks around the country. In November 2010 issue our reports include:

Euston Riverside Caravan Park, Euston, NSW
The Pebbles free campsite, Northern Territory
Wilpena Campground, Wilpena Pound Resort, SA
Kangerong Holiday Park, Dromana, Victoria



In the bush

Peculiar and delightful, Australia’s monotremes have features that make them quite bizarre.


Just for readers...

My Favourite Place

Each year Grenfell, in NSW, celebrates one of Australia’s most famous poets, and a visit to this festival has won for a reader a fabulous prize from Snowgum.


Readers' letters

Each month, the best reader's letter wins a rugged, 12-volt Panther Versa-Lite.



Summer daze

Fruit-based food is wonderfully cool on a warm summer’s day. For a refreshing snack try balsamic strawberry salad, passionfruit mince slice or iced Moroccan tea.

Around the golden hill





Around the golden hill

By Colin Kerr


If you’re into history and love poking around old ghost towns, well, out here at Peak Hill in the WA Murchison Goldfields, you’ll feel right at home.  Going right back to the beginning of the gold mining excitement, the story starts with the arrival of William John Wilson, the eldest son of two Irish immigrants.  Having spent his early life on his parents’ cattle station in New South Wales, Wilson set off to try his luck at gold prospecting on several new strikes in his home state, before heading even further afield to Papua New Guinea.

Southern sojourn





Southern sojourn

By Jim & Cheryl Foster


When Cheryl and I arrived in Kingston SE, we booked into the local caravan park and set out to explore the town.  We then did the sensible thing, and found a bakery/coffee shop and settled back with a cuppa to flick through some of the town’s visitor pamphlets that we had collected from the visitor centre in the town council chambers.


Kingston SE, about 150km north of Mt Gambier in SA, has come of age as a holiday destination.  The town has embraced the idea of supplying all those things held dear by people, especially families looking for a seaside holiday spot.  True, it lacks nightclubs and bright lights but it more than makes up for this with wide, open grassed areas where kids can happily play until exhausted.  The beautiful, clean white beaches that stretch for many kilometres to the north and south can be easily accessed along most of their length .

The wild, wild west





The wild, wild west

By Steve Hunt


It was mid-December, 1995, when I first stumbled down the soft sand of the dunes and out onto the pristine, footprint-free beach at Geues Waterhole.  I carefully threaded on my first salmon fillet of the day and lobbed it into the centre of the deep gutter gouged out by the eons of heavy surf action.  I was just focusing on the stunning scene of the fringing reef to my left – when it happened.


It was almost surreal.  After waiting all my life to hook a really big mulloway, my rod slammed forward after barely a couple of minutes on the beach. Line sizzled from the old Daiwa GS9 at an amazing rate and at one stage I thought I was going to lose the lot.


But everything held together and after what seemed like an eternity I led a massive 60-pound mulloway to the waiting gaff.  Talk about a baptism of fire! But that is the way the Yalata beaches roll.  These are the most isolated beaches in South Australia – and it certainly shows with the magnificent fishing still available .