Can I Come Too? Extract from On The Road - January 2015
Words and photographs by Dr Linda Davidge

For some of us, leaving a dog at home when we set off on a trip is a foreign concept. Usually the family dog is like one of the kids or your best mate and you love their company and wouldn't dream of leaving them behind. Another motivator can be the significant expense of leaving them in a kennel with even a moderate duration trip costing a few hundred dollars. And who wants to incarcerate your mate in one of those pet penitentiaries anyway?

Whatever the motivation, there seems to be more and more people choosing to get on the road with the canine companion and more and more places accepting this reality and making the necessary allowances.

Rainbow Beach Extract from On The Road - January 2015
Words and photos by Miriam Blaker  

People who bring their need to speed to Australian beaches are being warned, "road rules will be enforced here too". For the first time in this country, police in Queensland's Sunshine Coast have introduced covert cameras to catch four-wheel-drive motorists on beaches. Speaking recently to the ABC, Acting Senior Sergeant Dave Nelson said "people have to understand that even though you're driving quite quickly past a car with roof racks and surfboards on it, it may be an unmarked speed camera van. They have to realise it's a road and road rules apply – all rules have to be abided by".

He said the speed limit on beaches is 50 km/h in areas where people are camping, and 80km/h elsewhere. Senior Sergeant Nelson says police have seen too many unnecessary deaths on popular beaches. So now, in an Australian first, and in consultation with the Teewah Community, unmarked vehicles will be equipped with a TruCam, a device using laser technology to detect the speed of a vehicle while capturing split-second digital images of the offenders. And there are many out there. On a recent trip to Rainbow Beach we struck up a conversation with a bloke, standing on the shoreline, watching some idiot four wheel drivers running the gauntlet around the headland and through the surf. Turns out he was an off duty police officer. And he wasn't impressed.

Tamar Valley Extract from On The Road - January 2015
Words and photographs by Megan Blandford

The Tamar Valley is famous for its wines, but you'll find history and natural beauties here that are worth a road trip.

The very beginning, they say, is a good place to start. This certainly applies to the Tamar River, which is created by the merging of the South Esk and North Esk Rivers in Launceston, perhaps one of Australia's most underrated cities. (But so easy and cheap for many of us to fly in and out of.)

Settled in 1806, Launceston is Australia's third oldest city with an intriguing history and home to Cataract Gorge, one of Tasmania's most popular attractions. The appeals of the city keep coming: there’s more fresh food than you can ever imagine (the seafood in particular is amazing, and right nearby they also source beef, lamb, honey, truffles and apples, and the list keeps going), and it also plays host to a bevy of beauty, from the historic streetscapes to beautiful open parks, as well as the nearby bushwalking and adventure hub that is Hollybank Forest.

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