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Editor of On The Road Magazine PATRICK HAYES

On The Road is Australia's top monthly magazine for people who enjoy camping, caravanning and touring Australia.

It is the only magazine that provides widespread and economical access to both family campers on a budget and the road tourism market and its new breed of high income travellers. The quality of its writing, photography, layout and production has enabled it to build up among readers remarkable respect and loyalty.

Every issue has stories and photographs celebrating the unique beauty of Australia and the experiences it can generate. They are of great interest to all travellers who want to know more about experiencing the vast beauty and romance of this great land of ours.

Real stories, real tips and real advice for real people

In keeping with its mission, On The Road, looks at practical issues as well. It is jam-packed with useful information on clothing and camping gear, and of course comprehensive coverage of the latest in caravans, motorhomes and four-wheel-drives & all the gear the growing numbers of our new breed of explorers need to get out and see the "real" Australia.

On The Road is a "reader-friendly" magazine aimed at people of all ages who want to explore the vastness of this land but who don't necessarily believe that this must entail driving 4WDs over impossible terrain, abseiling down cliffs or lugging a pack for blister-strewn miles. We believe that the largest demographic group in the readership would be from the "baby boomer" section.

Every edition packed full of articles

Every month On The Road's full-color pages contain articles featuring:

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