On The Road - November 2001

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Index for November 2001


6 Tasmanian forests

The South Arthur Forests are just as beautiful and interesting as some of Tasmania’s World Heritage-listed national parks.

18 Camping fun at The Prom

Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria has lots of camping opportunities and the chance to see some wildlife up close.

30 Fly for a holiday

Pat Hayes makes the most of a short break by covering the distance to WA by plane and tacking onto a tag-along tour.

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76 Campsite reports

On The Road reporters check out an Outback park in NSW, a couple of parks near beautiful beaches and somewhere to stay in the hills north of Brisbane.

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36 Hi-tech simplicity in a Tvan

Track Trailer’s Tvan is a capable and comfortable camper trailer that is well suited to travelling off the bitumen.


10 Walkabout

Grab a new billy from the Cesco range or consider a pet for your pet. We’ve also got some good gadgets for caravanners, some great gear for campers and list the lucky winners in our August 2001 binocular giveaway.


42 Street-wise art

Walk the streets of three Australian towns to see the artistry that adorns these open-air galleries.

48 Million-star accommodation

There is a Hilton in the Outback of Queensland – honestly!

52 To the bat cave

The Naracoorte Conservation Park in SA is home to 400,000 bent-wing bats, and television cameras relay the life of these insect-eating animals to visitors and scientists.

56 Hungerford re-visited

As a young bloke Jim Foster worked at Currawinya Station. Jim returns 37 years later during a 7000km trip with a new caravan in tow to see just how much the area has changed.

64 Campfire cooking

Alf Wilson is a bit of a bush-bloke, and this month he shares with us some of his favorite bush meals.


50 My 2001 Experience

Our winner this month celebrates a journey of a lifetime in verse to win a $500 Outdoor Pack from Shakespeare Australia.


72 Holden is a better tow vehicle

The Commodore VX Series 2 is now more pleasant to drive and more suited to towing according to Toby Hagon.


68 Pets that go fishing

Swim, save or steal – some pets take an active interest in fishing and the rewards that can arise.


27 Readers’ letters

Visitor access to the old Derby Leprosarium has changed.

48 Win a touring video

Take a trip down the Great Ocean Road with the latest video from Cine News. We have 10 of these videos to give away.

82 Aussie Cross Quiz